The Son
The Son

“The Catastrophic news of King Abdul-Aziz’ s death who founded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , and built its Glorious Nation ,has left a great sense of loss among his people because he created a modern proud state .”
A saying by King Saud

  • King Saud's Mother's Family


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  • Historical Background


    The Al-Saud Family Before King Abdulaziz Recaptured Riyadh(1891-1902) Imam Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal Bin Tirki Al Saud, the father of King AbdulAziz, was brought up in Najd, more precisely, in the city of Riyadh the homeland of his forefathers, which symbolizes the heart of Najd. The life ...  Read More
  • The Recapturing of Riyadh and The Birth of King Saud (1313 H)


    King Saud was born on the 5th of Shawal 1319H / January 15th 1902). He was brought up in Kuwait in the house of his grandfather al Imam Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal and his grandmother Sarah, daughter of Ahmad Al Sudairi, who loved him so much because she saw in her grandchildren her absent son who was...  Read More
  • Upbringing & Education 1902-1915


    Saud was born in "Beit Al Amir" in Kuwait on the (January 15 1902 AD) on the same day his father was able to recover Al Riyadh from Ibn Al Rashid's Deputy Ibn 'Aljlaan . The birth of Saud on this memorable day was looked upon by his father King Abdul-Aziz as a harbinger of good fortune. Saud grew ...  Read More
  • Turki Bin Abdulaziz Turki Bin Abdulaziz


    Prince Turki Bin Abdul-Aziz was born in (1900) in Kuwait, and was the eldest son of King Abdul-Aziz and his mother was Princess Wadha Bint Hussein Al Orair. He was brought up with his father, mother and grandparents in Al Riyadh. The written sources have described Prince Turki as a brave warrior w...  Read More
  • King Abulaziz's Blood Line

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  • Abdulrahman Bin Nasser Bin Meferij - King Saud's Mentor


    Abdulaziz was compelled by the force of circumstances to devoting most of his time at this stage towards achieving his mission, Saud was to be brought up during the early years in the care of his doting Grandparents, the Imam ‘Abdul-Rahman bin Faisal and Sarah Bint Ahmad al-Sudairi in both Kuwait ...  Read More
  • King Saud's Maternal ancestry


    Saud Bin Abdul Aziz had an elder brother named Tirki (his father's nickname) who was born in the year (1900). He also had two brothers who passed away at an early age. One of them was called Khalid who was born in Riyadh in the year (1320H) and passed away in 1327H)1 , and had one sister called...  Read More
  • Mounira Bint Abdul Aziz - Maternal Sister of King Saud Mounira Bint Abdul Aziz - Maternal Sister of King Saud


    Mounira daughter of Abdul Aziz, King Saud's sister, married Turki Bin Abdallah Bin Saud Bin Faisal, then she married her paternal cousin Khaled Bin Muhammad Bin Abdul Rahman. After divorcing him, she married Fahd Bin Saad Bin Abdul Rahman, and gave birth to Abdallah and Moody who didn't live long. T...  Read More