Warrior\'s Sojourn
Warrior\'s Sojourn
  • The King Saud's Inheritance Organization


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  • King Saud Travels Between 1965-1969


    King Saud left Saudi Arabia for the last time in his life with some  of his children and his wife and Forty from his entourage  to Vienna on January 7 , 1965. His air craft stopped   in Beirut on its way to Austria for fifty minutes , where his wife Princess Jamilla Assad Ibrahim residing in Lebanon...  Read More
  • Daily Program Of King Saud

    1965-1969 م

    The daily program of the late " King Saud " God bless his soul from 1965-1969 AD Actions and activities Dawn Advancement to the dawn prayer and reading the Koran and then return and eternity to rest. 9.00 - 10.00 am After breakfast, go down to the men and take them , and hear and analyze world...  Read More
  • King Saud Defends Palestinian Cause From Exile in Greece

    3 / 7 / 1968

    King Saud raises the question of Palestine in Greece Balfour is required for displaced Arabs of Palestine Do not let His Majesty the great monarch , King Saud bin Abdul Aziz occasion being able to serve the Arab issues only Agtinmha until He now resides in a rest period in Athens .. His Majesty ...  Read More
  • King Saud Comments on the Middle East Affairs From London

    12 / 10 / 1968

    King Saud comment on the situation in the Middle East London - j. King Saud announced yesterday that Israeli forces should withdraw from Arab lands before thinking of any peaceful solution, and said that if the decision of the United Nations, to withdraw from the occupied Arab territories, there ...  Read More
  • King Saud Addressing The Palestinian People

    التاريخ : 16 مايو 1967

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  • An Interview With Al-Anwar Newspaper About Arab Affairs


    King Saud speaks of "lights" support Syria and Shuqairi, the King calls to resolve the issue of Yemen Cairo - Salim Abu al-Khair: The first thing he said was, King Saud after that I had the honor to meet him in the private wing with "Shepherd" in Cairo: "We were confident welcome our brother Pres...  Read More
  • The Death Of King Saud


    King Saud died at the age of 67 on January 24th 1969 in Athens. His body was taken back to his country and, prayers on his soul were performed in the Holy Mosque in Makah, and then was carried to his final resting place to be berried next to his fathers' graves in "Al Oud" Cemetery in Riyadh. M...  Read More
  • A Poem About The Death of King Saud

    Date unknown

    Murcia The late King Saud , may God rest his soul Systems of Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa Tovo Bmocabacm his body And inspired solace for the loss Wabco shrine it Tomb shines the glory of its pillars The tomb Dergham island Vagheroa the Walk has started Bhdsenana the This publi...  Read More
  • King Saud Humane Deeds

    يوم الجمعة 4 من ذي القعدة 1387

    Lefty Eritrea Sheikh Ibrahim Mukhtar Ahmed Omar Mufti 's speech to King Saud regarding his visit to the Islamic Center 's speech (1388 ) King Saud visited the city of Asmara several times and resided with his entourage for varying periods of time . In his second Grand Mufti was lying in the hospi...  Read More
  • King Saud Donates to the Women National Assembly

    17 يوليو 1967

    2000 pounds of gold provided by King Saud mother Kalthoum In campaign donations the National Rally for Egyptian Women King Saud gave two thousand pounds of gold to Ms. Umm Kulthum within a fundraising campaign by the National Rally of Egyptian women and that allocate proceeds to serve the overall ...  Read More
  • King Saud Donates to the War Effort

    26 مايو 1967

    King Saud provides $ 3 million to serve the Arab effort King Saud made ​​a contribution of three million dollars Rajya directed to serve the great effort carried out by the armed forces of the Arab Republic for the sake of the entire Arab nation . King Saud has sent to President Gamal Abdel Nasse...  Read More
  • Quraan Recitation Geniuses


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